Veggielicious 2013 – Celebrate compassionate cuisine

About Veggielicious – Veggielicious is a celebration of vegetarian cuisine at restaurants, cafés, and bakeries in the Greater Toronto Area.

photo (1)Featuring over 40 locations, Veggielicious restaurants celebrate with great deals on gourmet vegetarian meals. Bakeries offer specials on some of their most popular items – cupcakes, cookies, croissants, and much more.

This year’s offerings include prix-fixe meals from Kindfood, Grasslands, Magic Oven, Glas Wine Bar, Castro’s, The Steady, The Beet, Pizza Rustica, Milagro, Tabule, Bello Bio, The Naked Sprout, and more. Other participants include Urban Herbivore, Kelly’s Bake Shop, Sweets from the Earth, Prairie Girl Bakery, Kupfert & Kim, One Love Vegetarian, Sadie’s Diner, Vegetarian Haven, Superfood Eateries, Belmonte Raw, and Tori’s Bakeshop.

About Eating Veggielicious – In addition to being a compassionate choice, did you know that eating plant-based foods is one of the best things you can do for the planet? You can read here about the Environmental Working Group’s findings on the relationship between diet and climate change.

To learn more about the benefits of eating vegetarian and to try it yourself, please sign-up for our 7-Day Veggie Challenge. With delicious vegetarian options all over the city, now is the perfect time to discover new meat-free foods and flavours.

Contact event organizers at Our media contact is Steph Davidson,

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